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Votrenius Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on digital ventures.

About us

We make seed and early-stage investments in digital online businesses wrapped around emerging markets. We are active investors, generally aid a company's first term sheet as the lead investor, and partner with entrepreneurs who have the energy, vision, experience and passion to build great internet companies. We help entrepreneurs succeed through hands-on strategic advice, team building, partnerships, expansion capital with premier venture syndicates, and general support.

Our firm began in 2004 as Spunzeal Business development and Nurdweitzer Kapital GMBH, two affiliates to the Fisher Network that worked closely together since inception. From 2004 to 2008, the partners invested 150000 Euro  in 12 companies with investment returns in the top thirty percent of all Swedish digital venture funds. The firms joined forces in 2009 to create Nordic Oak Investment and Votrenius Capital.

"The opportunity to learn of a new world-changing idea, or to roll up our sleeves alongside the talented entrepreneurs withwhom we partner, is what gets us going in the morning. By providing capital, and support and assistance in strategy and execution, we help entrepreneurs create something lasting, great, and rewarding for all involved."